Archive | May, 2012

Hitting the Sauce

For a brief, glorious moment the sun was shining. And naturally swathes of Middle England bared far too much lily white flesh, hit the Pimms hard and toyed with three quarter length trousers paired with statement footwear. I on the other hand, turned my thoughts to barbecue. Those of you who know me in real […]

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The New Provence

As popularised in Peter Mayle’s books, the English do seem to have a love affair with France, and in particular Provence. And of course, what’s not to like? Glorious weather (which I’m dreaming of having endured the umpteenth downpour in the UK’s wettest drought), great food and ingredients, and of course a seemingly bucolic lifestyle. […]

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Show me the honey

Clearly I have yet to get the hang of regular blogging, so I’ll take time off the naughty step and (bees)wax lyrical for a moment about honey, considering it has been National Honey Week. We are now all aware of the plight of the honey bee, and  it is encouraging that there seems to be […]

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