Archive | July, 2012

New wave sushi – Argentine style

Buenos Aires is no longer just about beef and asado. Sushi is now one of the most popular foods in Argentina, with the restaurants of Buenos Aires now inventing new combinations that are influenced by neighbouring Peru, as well as the city’s Mediterranean immigrants. From the ones I tried, there is a strong feature of […]

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Western mooncakes

I’m currently in Buenos Aires, a city I haven’t visited since I took a press trip here over 5 years ago. It’s a city full of contrasts: swanky high end boutiques nestle next to shabby chic and rundown buildings. I love the fact that there’s a constant smell of smoky asado in the air, but […]

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The munchies by any other name…

..would still taste as sweet. Following on from my trip to the Washington Summer Fancy Food Show, I have yet to add any new updates since my first post on the subject, so I’m typing this while sat on the naughty step. So what does the above title refer to? A new wave of sweet […]

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