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Balsamic comes of age.

Balsamic Vinegar has been on the culinary scene for hundreds of years, yet within the UK, it’s popularity really only grew with Elizabeth David, and finally reached fever pitch when Delia Smith took up the cause. Unfortunately, since then, it’s been a bit hit and miss – mainly down to a lack of knowledge from […]

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Top 10 favourite picks from SIAL

I deserve a foot rub and spa. I have spent most of the day at SIAL, a major food trade show here in Paris. Where most would take a few days to explore and negotiate the eight halls of food and drink (it shuts on Thursday), I have foolishly done it all in one day. […]

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Ice, ice, baby

Those of you who follow my twitter feed will know that I’ve recently visited Canada. What can I say, it’s been an amazing holiday. As someone who travels to the US on a regular basis, Canada has been a real revelation, and my only regret is that I haven’t visited sooner. There have been so […]

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