Postcard from Taipei – Sweet Dreams


Last night, I was contemplating my first day in Taipei.

It’s an amazing city, probably even more so if you can speak/ read Taiwanese or Mandarin, but being able to say hello and use sign language coupled with a big smile goes a long way.

A great way to see some of the amazing food on offer is to explore one of the food courts that are located in the basements of most of the shopping malls – especially when you’re a new visitor and don’t speak the language.

Having managed to get around a few yesterday, one thing is painfully obvious: the Taiwanese have a sweet tooth. Cakes, donuts, icecream..they love them all.

Mister Donut

Originally from America (where the brand was mostly amalgamated with Dunkin Donuts), the Asian version is owned by a joint venture between Taiwan’s Uni-President Enterprises Corp and Japan’s Duskin Co, owners of the Starbucks and 7-11 franchises. However, they’ve made every effort to appeal to Asian tastes, with unique flavours, and packaging that ticks the very Japanese ‘Cutism’ trend.

Offering both sweet and savoury donuts, flavours include Green tea, Red bean and Peanut.


Short for Black As Chocolate, this is a small chain specialising in rich chocolate based cakes as well as chocolate truffles and iced cocoa to enjoy on the premises. Set up by Stella, a well known Singer/Actress/ Model from the Chinese speaking world, they specialise in indulgent gifts via either mail order or to take away, which are divided into Tease, Rush, or Overkill, based on the amount of chocolate used.

FuJi-San Ice Cream

I haven’t been able to find a suitable image to illustrate them (I’ll try and take a picture tomorrow), and their website appears to be down, which would suggest that they may not be hanging around for much longer, but if you imagine what looks like slices of Arctic Roll on a stick minus the sponge, and you have the idea.

Except in this case, the roll bit is another ice cream flavour, so you have interesting combos, such as peanut and vanilla.

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  1. Katharine says:

    oh my…. why didn’t i find them when i visitied Taipei!?
    They look so awesome.
    really love that postcard 🙂

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