Seeing the light

Magma is a new mineral water. Neither sparkling or still, it is a unique proposition from Spain, presented in distinctive 500ml aluminium bottles.  Part of its USP is that from the moment the water is drawn from deep underground until it has been poured into a glass, this water has never seen the light of day: the bottle seals its contents from all elements, so that when the consumer first opens it, they experience the water as if it has just come out of the source.

The other part is that this water has a balanced combination of natural gas and bicarbonate – both elements that not only stimulate the taste buds, but cleanse the palate.

The Science Bit.

The Cabreiroa aquifer is a rainwater aquifer in one of Galicia’s best-preserved areas of countryside.  When the raindrops fall to the ground, they start a process that lasts over 200 years.  First of all, they run through the cracks in the granite massif and then they filter through layers of granite and quartzite.

300o metres underground, the water reaches a temperature of 100°C and mixes with the carbon dioxide from the magma as it escapes through the Regua Verin fault.  At this temperature, water mixes with the CO2 that rises up from the magma before it is pushed back to the surface.

After it has been filtered for a second time on its way up, the Magma water is collected at 150m deep underground and bottled.

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