Gin Gin

Most people who know me, know that I’m not a beer drinker. The nearest I get is cider, which is especially lovely on a hot day with lots of ice.

In fact my normal tipple of choice is Gin & Tonic, and while I’m no connoisseur, I’m quite happy to do extensive research into the many brands that seem to have cropped up recently. Picking up again on my Barcelona sojourn, it would appear that Gin is extremely trendy in Spain at the moment: while at the Alimentaria show, I enjoyed a lovely version called Gin Mare, which is now available in the UK. Our hotel bar had over 35 different gins alone.

So it was with interest when I discovered Ginself.

Ginself is the first 100% premium gin from Valencia, Spain. Developed by four friends who embarked on a search to find the ultimate gin, they decided to stay true to their Mediterranean roots and used local botanicals (Sweet orange, bitter orange, lemon peel, Angelica seed, Angelica root, Orange blossom, tiger nut, juniper berries and tangerine) which were macerated in spring water from the Sierra de Espadán for 24 hours.

This double distilled gin has distinguishable citrus notes, especially the sweet fragrance of tangerine and the unmistakable aroma of orange blossom.  On the palate, Citrus notes prevail.

Sadly it’s not in the UK yet, but I’m sure a certain small Glaswegian will change that…

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