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Apparently in Germany, rice is a growing and commonly used staple. So much for the humble potato and kartoffelsalat.

But of course, with commonality comes a lowering of value perception.  Lotao, a new rice brand aims to reverse this.

Lotao specializes in hand-picked, rare rice varieties, infused rice oils, and organic spices. By enriching the rice with Elixirs (infused rice oils) and Perfectioners (organic spice mixtures), Lotao provides a new culinary experience.











The collection consists of 6 different rice:

Spirit of bamboo – Green rice with extract of bamboo

Royal Pearl – Black rice

Oriental sensation – Smoked Rice

Sparkling Volcano – A mix of purple, red and brown grains grown on volcanic slopes

Rising Sun – Orange rice infused with carrot extract

Wizard of Laos – A mix of two aromatic sticky rices

3 Perfectioners (spice mixtures):

Magic Fruits: Figs, dates, pepper, and tomato as well as other nuances and sea salt to enrich the Wizard of Laos Rice

Lemon Fresh: Lemon myrtle, chilli, mango, cardamon as well as other nuances and sea salt enrich the Spirit of Bamboo Green rice

Herbal Spice: Rosebuds, corn poppy blossom, almonds, green pepper, and nutmeg as well as other nuances and sea salt enrich Royal Pearl Black ri


3 Elixirs (infused rice oils):

Essence of Vivid Mint (pairs well with the Oriental Sensation smoked rice)

Essence of Smooth Ginger (pairs well with the Sparkling Volcano rice)

Essence of Sweet Chilli (pairs well with the Rising Sun rice


Not available in the UK as yet, they are available mail order, with prices starting from €8.90.

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  1. Kavey says:

    Hope these do come to the UK, I’d like to try them, some sound very interesting indeed.
    Thanks for sharing, Andre, an interesting new niche!

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