Getting saucy.

I realise that I do like pun headings, but I make no apologies: after all, this is my blog, and about 3 people (including my mother) probably read this anyway.

And for the benefit of that happy trio, no, I’m no longer in the USA, but yes, I’m still in an American state of mind – at least while I wax lyrical about one of my finds while over there – Balakian Farms Heirloom tomato sauces.

Produced in Reedley, California, the farm is owned by four generations of Armenian Americans. The Balakians first planted vines over 80 years ago.  Then, in 1999 they began growing heirloom tomato varieties.

Amber Balakian, the fourth generation owner and manager had the brainwave of blending these tomatoes to make distinctive sauces.  A superior, healthier, organic replacement to factory processed canned tomatoes, each varietal contains a unique, distinct flavour profile.

They can be used as a base for sauces, soups, sautés & meat dishes. Personally, I was eyeing them  up for Ultimate Bloody Marys….

Every jar is hand packed & sealed on the family farm. Each name refers to the variety of tomato within:

Green Zebra

Yellow Roman

Orange Strawberry

Pink Oxheart

Cherokee Purple.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Kavey says:

    I read it! Those look really good, really pretty too. We can’t get then here can we?

    1. newinfood says:

      Sadly not. Available from their website and Dean & Deluca. I’m sure some lovely person can always bring back for you though:)

      1. Kavey says:

        That’d be nice!

  2. Great write up on my sauces! I really enjoy reading your blog : )

    1. newinfood says:

      Thank you! I’m flattered that you even managed to find it:)

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