New wave sushi – Argentine style

Buenos Aires is no longer just about beef and asado.

Sushi is now one of the most popular foods in Argentina, with the restaurants of Buenos Aires now inventing new combinations that are influenced by neighbouring Peru, as well as the city’s Mediterranean immigrants. From the ones I tried, there is a strong feature of cream cheese which does make them a little cloying, but points for the interesting flavours!


Haru Sushi

Highlights on the menu include the ‘Citrus Roll’, featuring salmon, marinated in ceviche sauce and wrapped in rice, topped off with caipirinha lime and a ‘Hot Roll’ which features deep fried shrimp, wrapped in rice and cream cheese and topped with avocado.







Akira Sushi

Among their popular recipes is the ‘Hattori Roll’: salmon, marinated pineapple and tamago wrapped in a layer of cream cheese and topped with almond praline. Meanwhile their ‘Haiku Roll’ contains salmon, cream cheese and spring onion, wrapped in a soft, sweet and sour egg pancake.







With a new location in Puerto Madero, its most extravagant offerings include a ceviche-style sushi with avocado and fried prawn, whitefish in yellow chilli ceviche sauce and a micro mix with Maldon salt and Tabaskeado with white fish, tomatoes, deep fried scallops with guacamole and a few drops of tabasco.

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