A juicy January

A new year, and once more I tell myself I should make more of an effort at sending weird and wonderful thoughts into cyberspace. But it’s a struggle trying to find time to do so, especially when there’s so many other things on my to do list, and of course the duvet is having a very particular and determined stranglehold.

Of course, being January, the media are full of New Year, New You type of features, with various diets, detoxes and healthy eating regimes being bandied around. I would be one of the first to hold my hand up and say that I have done it: step forward Wild Juicery in Neal’s Yard.

smoothiefamilyEven if I wasn’t paid to PR them, I’d still love them: an offshoot of the Wild Food Cafe upstairs, owners Aiste and Joel have developed a really interesting menu that is using ingredients that I wouldn’t have thought to use in a smoothie, such as fresh Carragen Moss (which gives a wonderful smooth, velvety thickness to smoothies), raw almond milk and fresh coconut.

The Juicery menu, which is available for Eat In and Takeaway, is divided into three sections– Juicy, which features organic cold pressed juices, such as Electrified (a mix of apple, celery, cucumber, kale, fresh coconut water, lime, fresh aloe vera and Wild Juicery green powder), Smooth, which features smoothies such as my current favourite, White Zen (a blend of raw almond milk, dates, cold brewed coffee, fresh coconut, fresh Irish moss, vanilla and cardamom) Potent, a synergy of pressed juices, tonics teas & NYR herbal tinctures, like the Focused (a mix of apple & wild blueberry, Rosehip & Nettle Tea with Hawthorn Tincture & Wild-crafted Raw Honey) and Hot, which features howj-13t drinks such as Superfood Hot Chocolate, Reishi & Chaga Mushroom Tea and coffee from Monmouth Coffee.

Prices vary from £3.20 for a small Vibrant juice (which contains apple, celery, cucumber, spinach, parsley, lemon and ginger) to £6.80 for a large Green Incredible smoothie (which contains apple, celery, lemon, banana, kale, fresh coconut, fresh aloe vera, fresh Irish moss and Wild Juicery green powder).

Wild Juicery also offers courses of ‘Cleanses’ where you replace some or all of your meals with special juices/smoothies.

I’m really not hardcore enough to consider doing this, but there are a number of places in London that also offer this service:



Purifyne provides a whole range of fruit and vegetable juices using either one fruit or vegetable ingredient or combining them into very powerful juices that cleanse, energise and revitalise your body. They offer nationwide delivery.


Natural, Organic, Safe and Healthy’ – is a London based company founded in 2005 by Sangeeta Sidhu. They deliver their detoxification-weight-loss programmes and supplements to people’s homes and offices around London.

Raw & Juicy

Established over 7 years ago, Raw-and-juicy  was the first home delivery juice cleansing company ever in the UK and is dedicated to helping you achieve good health by providing customers with bespoke cleansing and detoxification programmes. Be it weight loss, weight gain, high Cholesterol or blood pressure, sports performance and endurance, muscle and tissue repair, Post pregnancy or a red carpet event, Raw & Juicy, provide bespoke, alkaline food and juice cleansing programs to suit your individual, lifestyle and dietary requirement.


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